Friday, April 15, 2011


Time for some more mid-90s German metallic HC... this time out we've got a group called Carol.  This band from Bremen featured members of the great Acme, Systral and Mörser.  I was discussing these dudes with a friend at a show recently and he hadn't heard this stuff, so this post will serve to get the music to him as well.  Like Acme, we've got a mid-tempo pace, crushing riffs and impossibly strained vocals... not quite at the god-like level of their predecessors but still absolutely vital.  Included here is their "Prefabricated" 7" and their split 7" with the almighty Stack.  Outside of these tracks I only know of their appearance on the "Cry Now, Cry Later #4" compilation.  Nevertheless, not a band to miss.

Carol - Prefabricated Ep and Split Ep w/ Stack

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