Saturday, February 19, 2011


It's been a busy couple of weeks for me here, so the blog has lacked some attention.  Got time for a quick post, though, and now it's back to the U.K. for some more of the melodic punk that the Brits seem to excel at.  This time out it's Identity, an early 90s group which appeared in the second wave of tuneful U.K. punk, about the same time as groups such as Drive and Senseless Things.  While having much in common with those bands, Identity did have a harder edge to some of their tracks - showing an affinity for groups like the Stupids, Snuff or Australia's the Hard-Ons.  Included here is their 12" called "Yeah! About Time Too!" which appeared on Damaged Goods in 1991 and also a self titled 10" which Boss Tuneage put out a few years back.  That one includes their singles and some demo tracks... it's a bit raw but still a good listen.

Identity - "Yeah, About Time Too!" Lp & "Identity" 10"


  1. Hey Mike,
    Cheers for putting this up!!
    Thanks for the nice things you said.
    You was right on saying about Stupids & Hard Ons
    they were the reason we started!!
    All the best, Jason Identity/Funbug

    1. Cheers Jason, thanks for the rad tunes!

  2. I never thought I'd ever find an electronic copy of this online, been searching for it for years, the vinyl is boxed back up in the UK. I saw Identity in the early 90s, I think supporting Mega City Four or Senseless Things, can't remember if it was in Lincoln along with No Means No and Mega City Four or somewhere else in the Midlands / Yorkshire....

    Anyway, Mike and Jason Identity, thanks!

  3. They cared, they had fun; we cared (too much sometimes) and we had too much fun (always). Always judged at face value, forever 100% energy and 99% "we listen to you" at gigs; a riot at all times, without the helmets and nastiness but sometimes with the blood. Inspired by every cool record ever made, and doing it for kicks not dosh. Heroes for life. x Tops