Sunday, December 12, 2010

Undone - Dark Future Lp

For this week's post, here's another French band - one which leans more towards the "emo" side of things I suppose.  Undone were one of a few groups from France in the mid 90s who took their cues from Dischord bands like Rites of Spring and Embrace as well as early Ebullition Records hardcore.  On Stonehenge Records, along with the likes of Fingerprint and Ivich, Undone mixed chaotic tempos, quiet intros and bombastic crescendos with impassioned screaming vocals.  Beyond their French counterparts, this record brings to mind pre-"screamo" groups like Frail, Angel Hair and Inkwell.  As much as I like those bands, the French groups were always better at this I thought.  Undone had a couple of Eps as well and you can find them for download at Fugitive Equilibrium.  All of their material is out of print but Stonehenge continues to put out "anarcho-emo-punk" to this day.  

New link with corrected files!
Undone - Dark Future


  1. Thanks Mike! It's great to finally hear this.

  2. Hi! nice post but where are last two tracks?
    Can you post them?

  3. Thanks for pointing out that the last two tracks were missing! I had no idea. Not sure what went wrong when I zipped the file. I've deleted the old file and uploaded a new one. New link is in the post now. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know about the mix up!

  4. Great french band! Still wait the discography (maybe??)

  5. a discogaphy non official here:
    (not official, but i'm speak about with obe of them and he say me that it's well):