Sunday, July 31, 2011

V/A Beautiful Music for Beautiful People

Up next is another great compilation from the late 80s/early 90s... the "Beautiful Music for Beautiful People" 10".  This one features some great US bands, including Libido Boyz from the last post, along with a spattering of international HC acts.  Libido Boyz and Dissent headline the US bands, but Crib Death and Tit Wrench have strong tracks as well.  Tit Wrench were bit of an odd-ball band.  Featuring Bob Barley of Vinyl Communications records, they played lightning fast techno like music with absurdly confrontational lyrics....think Pailhead or Lard.  "People Like That Should Be Spayed" is a good intro to their stuff.  I may post their discography some time since their stuff is fairly enjoyable in it's own weird way.  Anyways, the non-US bands on this comp. provide some great tracks as well... "Full Circle" is one of my fave Instigators tunes, the Scoundrels, Flitox, 16 B.U.H. also have strong tracks.  Australia's S.S.D.C. have a rousing number in "Free the Five".  The final track, from Denmark's President Fetch is the weakest, but not a bad song.  All-in-all a classic collection of HC from this time period. 

V/A Beautiful Music for Beautiful People 10"

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Libido Boyz

Alright, time for some more 80's melodic HC, from the USA this time.  Here is pretty much everything released by Mankato, MN's Libido Boyz.  We met them on the "They Don't Get Paid..." comp a while back, and their track "Mr Greenthumb" really got me into tracking down their other material.  Included in this file are their two LPs, three 7"ers and their side of a split EP.  Unfortunately this band had a propensity for re-recording the same songs over and over, so several versions of the same track exist on different releases.  The highlights of their discography are the first LP, "Hiding Away", the raw "Malicious Hooliganism" EP and the "It's So Obvious" EP.  Also included is their second LP, OPGU - their major label debut.  I really don't like this record, aside from one or two tracks, and the re-recorded versions of older songs are seriously wimpy.  I decided to include it here for completist sake only.  The earlier stuff is excellent tuneful HC with distinctive vocals and conscious lyrics... like a less silly SNFU or Spermbirds.  "Hiding Away" came out on the UK's First Strike Records, home to Jailcell Recipes, Drive and the Asexuals - all very good points of reference for this band.

Libido Boyz - 2 LPs, 3 EPs and 1 Split EP

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Retribution - s/t Ep

Here's another release, one of the final in fact, from my good friends at Passive Fist records.  This one is a 7" from short lived Kentucky thrashers Retribution.  A 10 track Ep, the guys blaze through some seriously Infest influenced HC.  Fellow Kentuckians Hellnation are also a good reference point.   Not sure if they did anything else, but this record slays.  The original packaging for this one included a patch and a button stuffed, along with the 7", into an official US Army "Body Parts Collection Bag" which, ominously, barely fit around the record...

Retribution - s/t Ep

Sunday, July 10, 2011

V/A Wild & Crazy Noise Merchants...

As promised, here is a double LP compilation from 1In12 records featuring a band from the last post - Indian Dream.  One of a series of "Worst of the 1In12 Club" benefit comps which served to raise money for the long running UK squat and venue, "Wild and Crazy..." features 24 tracks running the spectrum from avant folk to crust.  Highlights for me include, of course, the Indian Dream track "Our Land", which I feel is one of their very best tunes.  Also, Active Minds contribute another of my faves in "Take It Back."  Pink Turds in Space are their usual brilliant selves, even if the track is a cover.  F.U.A.L., Sofa Head, Incest Bros, Warfear, Paradox U.K. and Psycho Flowers all contribute strong tunes as well. 

V/A Wild & Crazy Noise Merchants... Invade A City Near You!! 2xLP

Friday, July 8, 2011

Indian Dream - Orca

Here's one from a more Peace Punk direction - Indian Dream hailed from the UK in the mid to late 80s and played tuneful punk with female vocals and political lyrics.  They really seem like they would have been home on Crass records and bring to mind bands from that era... Zounds, The Mob, Omega Tribe, Lost Cherrees, etc.  Another good comparison would be Internal Autonomy.  Orca was their one and only LP.  The songs are fairly long and vary from quiet and introspective to fairly rocking.  The great vocals and ultra-melodic guitars dominate on this one.  I'm including in this post a compilation Ep they appeared on with some more harsh contemporaries like Hiatus and Mushroom Attack.  I have another compilation which they appear on that I will post soon since that record features one of Indian Dream's best songs, in my opinion.  They also have at least two 7" EPs that I've been trying to track down... if anyone has MP3s I'd appreciate a copies.  Check out Orca and the Bonds of Friendship Comp. below.

Indian Dream - Orca LP + V/A Bonds of Friendship Ep